Monday, August 18, 2008

About Me

St.Frances Cabrini Church Window

First of all,
welcome to Liturgy Songs!
And thank you for stopping by.

Well, I'm a mom of three sons,
two of which a full grown.
I still have a teenager at home.
I have a few websites.
And this one of several blogs.

I have worked for the church since forever.
Well, O.K.. ...
. . .for twenty-five plus years.
I've served as a pastoral musican for many parishes.

I serve in three different parishes
in the Archdiocese of Detroit.

I'm hoping to get a new PC.
Maybe Santa will get it for me.
Or maybe the Easter Bunny.
In the meantime,
I realize that I have a lot of data
that needs to be moved or stored.
I admit it.
I haven't backed up my files.

what this blog is,
is basically an online way
of storing many of the sacred songs and hymns
that fill my computer.
I decided to share them with you online.
I mean,
if you are a pastoral musician,
sooner or later
you will find yourself in the position
of needing to create some worship aid.
There is no need for you
to click away at the keyboard
if I have already done that.

I figure,
that it may take quite some time
before this blog has a repertoire of her own.
But in the time,
I'm cleaning up my PC
one song at a time!

Consider this
a file sharing of song texts.
My gift to all the pastoral musicians out there!

Peace to all who enter here.

About the picture:
Stained glass window of St. Frances Cabrini in Allen Park,MI.
My son goes to school at Cabrini High School.

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