Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome to Liturgy Songs

Easer Altar - St. Alfred Parish in Taylor, MI 2008

Hello and Welcome to Liturgy Songs.

I'm a pastoral musician and have been for 25+years.
I've created a gazillion aides for worship in my day.
And I must admit,
I have a ton of songs in my computer.
It's a resource that has taken years of developing.

And so, well, I just decided to share it with the world.

And so what this blog will be
is basically text to hymns and songs for worship.
I'll include name of Hymn Tune and Meter,
if I have that information.
I'll include composer name,
if I know it.
And even when and where it can be used:
Laudes, Vespers, Advent, Weddings, ect.

I'll also include an alpha index
as well as a seasonal index and topical index
as soon as there are enough entries
to categorize.

But, rest assured,
this blog will only contain those songs
that are "popular" or "traditional."
For the text, chords, accompaniment
of anything copyrighted,
please contact appropriate publisher.

Who knows. . . .
. . .I may even toy around with the idea
of offering suggestions of hymns/songs to use
for each week of the year. . . .
. . .but first,
I must begin entering them into this blog!

Really, though,
this blog is only meant to be a resource.
Why should you have to retype a song into a computer
for a worship aide you are creating
if I have already done it?
And that, my friends,
is the sole purpose of this blog:
To help simply your worship planning!

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope this resource will help you!