Thursday, June 10, 2010

St. Gabriel's Children's Choir Concert - June 19th, 2010

You're Invited to a FREE concert!
The Children's Choir
of St. Gabriel Parish of Detroi
The Parish's Students of Classical Guitar

The music will be bilingually performed (Spanish and English)
and will feature several children soloists,
including a duet and a trio.
Several children in the choir will also play various hand-held percussion instruments.
Several musicians will accompany the Children's Choir.

The students of classical guitar
are taught by none other than our pastor, Fr. Jaime Hinojos.
These guitar students will be our featured musicians.

Saturday, June 19th at 1:00p.m.
Reception following the concert

For a complete program line-up
and a list of the members of the choir and musicians
accompanying St. Gabriel's Children's Choir.
Go Here.

This will be a wonderful event
by some marvelous Detroit inner-city children.

St. Gabriel Parish
8118 W. Vernor Highway
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 841-0753
(the concert is free of charge and the church is air conditioned!)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Divine Mercy

Here's a song composed by my pastor, Padre Jaime.
It's a song about Jesus' Divine Mercy.
Please take a listen,
and if you are able, grab it post it to your website or blog.
We're in a contest
and the more listens and grabs we get,
the better for our music ministry.